Backing you up

You don’t mind to go the extra mile to achieve your goal. You want your employees to do the same. As an employer, you want content and productive people working for you. How do you make sure they are and stay that way? Especially, when they are expatriated?

Backing you up

You don’t mind going the extra mile to achieve that. As an employer, you want content and productive people working for you. That they feel in live is a must. How do you make sure they will be and stay that way? They are putting their best foot forward for your company, leaving family and friends behind, while trying to build up a live abroad.

Employer supports employee

As an employer, you find it important that the people who work for you are experts, have guts and aren’t afraid of hard work.
They should feel privileged to work for you, cause it’s a great company to work for. Your company is based abroad or partly based abroad.
You live abroad yourself as well or you have employed a top manager to organize the company in this country for you. He/she is a Dutchie and maybe you have employed more people from The Netherlands who live there temporarily or permanently.

You organize the necessary paperwork, make sure they get housing and maybe even arrange schooling for their family that might move with them.
Despite of all your effort to get the right person for the job, arrange all the necessities for him/her to start, you can’t help wondering why he/she doesn’t thrive as you expected he/she would.
Despite all the effort you have put into this person to give him/her a great opportunity, they feel homesick. How could you miss that? Didn’t you screen them well beforehand?


Emotional intelligence

However impressive an employee’s CV is, however sincere intentions seem to be, when an employee, for whatever reason, does not feel happy, your company will somehow suffer too. You cannot deny that!

EQCounseling stands for being successful at life by developing your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
The better you know your emotional self, the better the changes for lasting success.
If anybody needs that, it will be your employee or maybe even you!

By offering emotional support to your employee’s, I can help them to get their emotional life in order, to get back on track where they want to be heading, to make better choices in their lives. This way they can put 100% into their career, into your company.

And that’s exactly what you want and had intended to.


Examples of issues:

  • Your employee can’t find connection to the new society he/she spends their private hours in. Discrimination, difference of religion, language barriers and cultural differences could be the cause of that. Over time, your employee not only needs satisfaction from his/her job but is also looking for it in private hours as well. Can’t find it (yet) and gets unhappy.
  • Frustration occurs. Your employee wants to pursue his/her career but his family or loved ones don’t want him/her to live abroad. Having an unhappy spouse at home or children that are not overcoming homesickness, can lead to frustration. Under those circumstances, it is hard for your employee to give 100% to the company. As much as he/she wants it, it seems to be impossible.
  • After a while, homesickness emerge. Just like that, for no conscious reason. How does a person deal with that? Just stay put, work hard to forget about it? Hope it will go away or just quit your job and go back home?
  • Doubts. Unexpected circumstances can emerge. Life events can come around the corner unannounced. Think of chronic illness, death in the family, divorce. Events that shape ones course in life, also your employee’s. How can they pass doubt and come back on track? How do you make sure they will keep working for you?


How do you contribute as an employer?

Emotional issues can stand in the way of your company’s goals. That is why it is so important to deal with them as soon as they occure. Have emotional support ready on the go. This way you and your employees will stay on track achieving your goals.

Employees won’t always tell you about their emotional issues or their private lifes. That is why it is better to have an independent emigration counselor in place that deals with that, so you can pursue your goals and ambitions with your company and have emotinally stable people working in it.


Suzanne Brand-van der Werf

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Getting smarter with EQ is my passion.

By developing emotional intelligence (EQ), one will benefit and become more successful in life. Emigration will give an extra dimension to life. Getting smarter emotionally, will help implement success in your life as an emigrant. You will get better at life and stay that way.

Opening hours

EQCounseling doesn’t have standard opening hours for  clients. Due to the fact that they are in every timezone on the globe. Appointments will be made on times that suits both parties. To make an appointment please fill out the contact form on the website, give me a ring on 0031 (0) 6 57881144 or email me. 


Suzanne Brand-van der Werf

0031 (0)6 5788 1144
Zutphen (NL)

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