Emigration has a sensitive side

Sooner or later, emigration brings unexpected twists to life. 
Emigration has an emotional impact on every person involved. Like the prospective emigrant/expat, the emigrant/expat, the employer of the emigrant/expat and the loved ones staying behind.

How do you deal with the emotional impact of emigration/expatriation? How do you get past it, implement it or move on? You want your emigration/expat dream to come true? You want it to become a success ?
You need to deal with the emotional side as well.
I am happy to help you with that.

Emigration has a sensitive side

Emigration brings, sooner or later, unexpected twists to life. For all that are involved. Having plans to emigrate, being an emigrant for years, being an employee of Dutch emigrants/expats, permanent or temporary, for the loved once that are left behind….. Emigration has more impact on a person than sense would tell you.

How do you deal with emotional problems? How do you get past them and move on? I am happy to help you with that.


Emigrating is a lifechanging event. Emotions come along with that.  That’s a fact. If you like it or not. Do you recognize: loneliness, doubt, guilt, integration problems? 


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Counseling is client-centered therapy. The client is psychologically healthy but temporarily emotional out of balance. The therapy is focused on the person, not on diagnoses.

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To apply, fill out the contact form. I will contact you a.s.a.p. You can call or text me via +31 (0) 6 57881144 or email me at


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  • Are all conversations confidential? Absolutely! Whatever you tell me stays between us, unless you give me permission to share information. I do make notes during a session. These are for myself to support my memory. They will be locked away between sessions.
  • I don’t have internet or have really bad internet connection, can we still work together? Yes, not a problem. Let me know and we get something sorted, like a landline. Might there be extra costs involved, it will be on your account, but we make agreements on that beforehand.

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Getting smarter with EQ is my passion.

By developing emotional intelligence (EQ), one will benefit and become more successful in life. Emigration will give an extra dimension to life. Getting smarter emotionally, will help implement success in your life as an emigrant. You will get better at life and stay that way.

Opening hours

EQCounseling doesn’t have standard opening hours for  clients. Due to the fact that they are in every timezone on the globe. Appointments will be made on times that suits both parties. To make an appointment please fill out the contact form on the website, give me a ring on 0031 (0) 6 57881144 or email me. 


Suzanne Brand-van der Werf


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